A M.B.A Graduate whose life has been interesting coz of having surprises in life. It all starts with taking medical as a interest, but doing commerce ( could have done Bsc too ) and then doing MBA. After MBA being succesful into sales reaching to the level of regional sales manager and then leaving it to start business along with winning local election influencing thousands of voters and then both business and politics getting flopped but simultaneously sideby taking interest into astrology. Its been a chaos but having hamsa yoga along with mercury in kendra has deflated the intensity of trouble providing planets. This chaos made me to understand that whatever you want to do, needs to have your planets blessings or wrath. Already from a brahmin family and after feeling it for self, the interest grew and I started to explore it more. This exploration gave me oppurtunity to sit down with some good astrologers whose prediction were very good and my belief in it grew more. This made me feel that others should also get benefitted from it which dwelled into an idea of starting yes life where in it will become a platform for some good astrologers to reach most of the people and try to solve their problems and give direction to their life since life is short. This platform will be a link between the astrologers, priests and the people who want to find solution for their problems through the science of astrology. Our blog will have questions asked on quora and answers provided for that question by our eminent astrologer. People can visit vivek garhwal on quora, follow and upvote for free consultation.... OM Shanti



To provide good astrological and puja services to the customer with focus on providing fruitful services.


To solve the problems of the people through the science of astrology and trying to provide a happy and good life.